It is time for Nigerians to raise up for the bigger project ahead. That project is to use their PVC for the coming elections in 2019. The election pitches the career professional politicians with the newer, younger breed of professional and credible managers of resources


Ali Soyode’s network and association ranges across various businesses and industries from both the private and public sectors.

Ali attends and completed his studies in the Northern part of Nigeria and is a Fellow of Institute of Public Administration and Local Government.

He is on the directorship and advisory board of organisations such as African Business Roundtable (ABR); Europe based orgs and won numerous awards such as Planet Africa Icon, GMA Ireland Award of Excellence, MABF Award of Excellence amongst others

He designed Nigeria’s century shoes which was distributed free


Alistair is noted by CNN to be an icon of the nation when he was featured by CNN during Nigeria at 50th Golden jubilee independence celebrations. He is branded and reputed to have made his mark as the first in Africa and Black person who launched a media channel in the United Kingdom and Europe. His efforts and works are credited to have created an avenue for millions of black people to find their voices and be seen on international television. The engagements also opened up better inter-community relationships between various communities as well as for millions of Nigerians outside the country.

To his credit are several achievements of innovative programmes and policies engaging Nigerians outside the country. He has participated in many events, conferences, seminars, workshops, amongst others, to market Nigeria’s opportunities to the world and using same to attract many back home to invest as well as be part and parcel of the nation’s developments.


Many have also described him as the best thing to have happened to Nigeria as an icon of what is good about Nigeria and her people. His network opened the broadcasting market to many black and Africa television channels in Europe now as well as broadcast platform for other TV to reach the diaspora viewers.

Alistair has, without any doubt, showed that with hard work, one can achieve success; and has created the awareness that the youths can achieve success if they genuinely work towards it. He has turned challenges to opportunities. Always seeing opportunities especially where resources abound. Silverman of the Year 2015. He is listed in the Top 100 Africa’s personalities for 2018.